The smoke and warmth of Mugwort (“Moxa”) has been used to stimulate acupuncture points for thousands of years.

Moxabustion techniques were developed and practised along with traditional herbal medecine, many years before the introduction of stainless steel inserted needles. Moxa is great for dispersing tension in tired shoulders (see image). Moxa smoke helps to tonify and move obstructed Qi that causes stiffness and pain.


 Japanese Okyu Moxa is hand-rolled into very small cones (half a grain of rice sized). Super- pure Japanese moxa is placed directly on the skin, slightly burnt, and then removed. This is repeated up to 50 times, to tonify an acupuncture point. This method can be much more affected for building-up the Qi in a deficient patient, than is possible with a needle. (See image on left).

Japanese Moxa is of a much higher quality than Chinese Moxa. Moxa for moxabustion therapy is produced commercially in Nepal, Vietnam, Korea Japan, China, and France. Japanese Moxabustion techniques are highly specialised. Moxabustionists can treat everything that an acupuncturist can treat using a needle. Moxa can be used to both tonify and disperse acupuncture points.

Japanese research has shown that moxa smoke stimulates the production of blood cells.  Tonifying the blood system; boosting the immunity system; and creating an anti-inflammatory affect throughout the whole body.

Children love to be treated with moxa !

Moxa treatments can easily be practised at home.  Parents are encouraged to treat their own children with moxa, with the guidance and support of an experienced practitioner.

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