Shonishin is a unique style of pediatric acupuncture developed in Osaka, Japan since 250 years (S.Birch).

Shonishin recognises that children generally do not like needles. Shonishin instruments and needling techniques have been developed and adapted to childrens’ needs. Never causing any discomfort or pain.

‘sho’ = little / petite

‘ni’ = childrens’ / les enfants

‘shin’ = needle / aiguille.

Shonishin uses many different NON-INVASIVE contact-needling techniques that treat only the surface of the skin.


If Traditional Acupuncture is considered as ‘preventative’ medecine, then what better time is there to start treatments than with babies and young children.

Treatments can help with a babies development; boost immunity; prevent health problems.

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